How To Play Golf

In order to play any sport is it very important to learn it from the basic level; one just cannot even start from an intermediate and think that he/she may excel in the game completely. Basics must be strong and in order to strengthen the command over the game one has to practice and practice and more practice, things are not that difficult especially when learning something. Everything seems very awkward in the starting point but eventually it becomes easier and easier. Same is the case with rich man game best golf coaching. As a sport this game is not easily affordable and usually very few people love this game, because of the composed aura of this game, patience level required, no use of aggression and there are so many other features which make this sport entirely different from other sports.

 So fellows! Those who are totally new to this game, they may find something in this piece of article. So before we tell you what this is all about, let’s start with some basics of course which one has to know before even holding the club. Anyways the venue the place where golf club Perth is played is known as ‘hole’ yes the whole grassy area is known as ‘hole’. The player has to start to hit the ball from the ‘tee’ the starting point of the game is known as ‘tee’ and has to dip the ball with the help of the club in the ‘hole’ okay! So before one get confused, the area is called ‘hole’ and the physical hole in which the player is required to dump the ball is also refer to as ‘hole’. So there are flags installed in the physical holes in order to make them prominent and easily visible for the golf player. Let’s talk about the rules now, the player has to hit the golf ball with the minimum hits, and minimum swings (the less swings the less hits; the better) so for instance if a golf player is taking 3 hits for one hole then he may require even more for the rest of the holes (which indicates the immaturity of the player).

The standard hole area of the golf consists of 18 physical holes (marked with a flag), then comes another hole area which consists of 9 physical holes (which is usually recommended for the beginners). It is good to carry a map of the golf course, because every golf course is structured in a different way. Every hole has a starting point from where the player starts the game which is known as ‘tee off’. It’s a rule to follow the physical holes in order, one by one just the way they are situated there. So fellows we are done with the basics of the golf all the best with your posture, style and composition.